Members of our creative team have been developing broadcast television for more than 40 years.  There were two primary choices for recorded entertainment  in the 1960's... you either visited a theater to watch a film or you stayed home and watched television. There was little else.

Today technology has expanded our choices to include; cable television, satellite TV, pay-per-view channels, premium movies channels, the Internet, DVD ownership, DVD rentals, and there are new "media distribution channels" becoming available every few months. The big question becomes how to Create Content that reaches out and hits your target audience.

Atman Creative Group, Inc. provides the creative staff and technology experts to develop content designed to:

        q    impact your target audience

       q    generate excitement that will influence your target audience

       q    help expand your your market area   


Our Creative Director serves as your Producer and will develop the schedule and bring together a carefully chosen team of experienced professionals to enhance your project. Your "Team" , developed within your budget may include:

    q    Writers    q     Director    q    Videographer    q     Art Director    q     Sound Technician

    q     Make-up    q    Technical Staff    q    Designers    q    Logistic Support    q    Editor

 and additional personnel as required to create your production. You will have the most experienced team possible within your budget parameters.


Once Upon A Time... In a, not to far away place.... trying to influence behavioral change in a targeted audience was a lot easier if you happened to own a newspaper or television station. If you didn't "own" media and you had to reach a specific audience, you spent a fortune buying advertising. The prime-time, highest rated television program or full-page newspaper ad in a major daily publication, purchased on a weekly basis, could easily have seemed like you were making payments towards ownership. Every radio, television and newspaper salesman could produce "ratings" that seemed to justify their claims of dominance.

No More! Today we are faced with 200 cable channels, multiple "local TV channels", daily and weekly newspapers, local radio stations and satellite TV (which includes radio/music programming) REACHING your target audience cost effectively is a real challenge. The fastest growth in media centers on the Internet. 


The most efficient way to gain success is to know 'who" your audience is. The more you know and understand your target customer, the more affordable it is to reach them with your message. Your "Creative Content" marketing program, developed and managed by the Atman Creative Group Team, is the most efficient way to reach out and touch your target audience. We will get their attention, increase their awareness, educate them about who you are, and guide them down a specific path to a focused and positive conclusion.


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