Current Projects:

"Trail of Tears" -   Video documentary on the U.S. Government forced march from Etowah, Georgia  to Oklahoma, by Native Americans who were predominately Cherokee's. When gold was discovered in north west Georgia, the new immigrants to America worked to force native tribes off of their land. The Cherokee was known as a "civilized" tribe. They built and lived in large communities, had a written language, published a newspaper and thrived in the Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina area.  Available as a DVD.

"Everglades Crossing" -Feature production, made for television movie that centers on the Second Sminole War and one family trying to survive among the conflicts of war, slavery and south Florida swampland, and the love between a boy and a girl. 

"Shadow People"-   (working title) A documentary that focuses on the 12 million Hispanic aliens that entered the United States illegally and the associated cost to American Taxpaying citizens. Check your local cable and satellite listing for day and time.

"Feature Film" - (pre-production and casting) The government closing of a military base uncovers a 60 year old Top Secret cahce of documents that fall into the wrong hands. Can a group of high school students save the United States?

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